When I close all terminals from a VM, CPU usage for that VM goes to around 50% 
(shown by Qubes Manager) and stays there until I open another terminal to the 
same VM. The problem only happens if I close the terminal using Ctrl+d, not if 
I kill the window using i3.

This happens both with Arch Linux template or appvms based on it. Doesn't 
happens with Fedora.

Example of commands that I used to open the terminals:

qvm-run -a archlinux "xterm /bin/bash"
qvm-run -a archappvm "xfce4-terminal -x /bin/zsh"

(both bash or zsh, xterm or xfce4-terminal)

I thought it could be some zsh config, but the problem persists even commenting 
.zshrc content, or using bash (default configs).

It also happens if I open Vim with something like:
qvm-run -a archappvm "xfce4-terminal -x vim"
and close it using ":q". If I close Vim killing the window (i3 hotkey), it 
doesn't happens).

I tried to log CPU usage from inside the VM using "ps", but it doesn't seem to 
increase (no reported process started to consume more CPU). I thought it could 
be a problem with Qubes Manager (displaying false high CPU usage), but the fan 
do start to make more noise, so it must be using more CPU.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the attention!

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