its difficult to remove the packages inside debian-qubes , because most of the 
time u will end up on crashing/destroying it. 

but i wonder if the developer of debian-qubes can make a minimal one , which is 
way better than the current one.

> On Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 5:51:39 AM UTC-4, >>  wrote:
>> hi there,
>> fedora minimal is great idea to have inside Qubes, i wonder why we dont have 
>> debian minimal as well inside Qubes ?
>> (debian-qubes has many packages which r not necessary to be installed e.g 
>> printing packages. tho, it will be nice to install the needed packages from 
>> the user pleasures not by default.)
>> Thanks
> This would be wonderful. I tried to create one by removing some package but 
> not a big impact on space or memory usage.
> I will follow this thread with interest!
> Dominique

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