Hello All,

Just a very simple problem: My screenlock does not work. After fiddling around 
a lot I discovered that the screenlock starts correctly if I set the screen 
lock timer as 15 seconds or less.

Experimenting a bit more, I discovered that if I give, say,
xset s 30 30
then the screen never blanks. If I give 
xset s 5 5
then the screen blanks correctly after 5 seconds, but after some more seconds 
(~15 usually) my pc wakes up again, even if I do not touch mouse/keyboard at 
all. After 5 seconds this cycle starts again.

It is quite clear to me that there is something that is mistakenly registered 
as user activity and that periodically resets my screensaver timer, the only 
problem is that I do not know how to find which process/service/whatever causes 
this. Is there a way to find out what resets this timer?

Thanks for your Time,

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