On space usage: That's true, but that's also exactly what minimal templates are 
good for. I have cloned Debian minimal template in order to install Spotify. 
Some time, I had just 1GiB root filesystem, now it is slightly larger.

On installing every boot: That's also some option, but it has some drawbacks:

* You miss updates. Well, theoretically, one could solve it by some bash script 
and incron, so once you update the package, you remember to install a newer 
* If you add another repo (important for getting updates) and install its 
software, you will AFAIU get false update notifications for the base template.
* It will cause some IO load when the template is booting. (Flatpak/snapd can 
probably avoid it.)
* Boot can complete before /rw/config/rc.local finishes. This is good for fast 
start, but the software installation might be finished after the boot 
completes, so the software would be missing for some time. It also would mean 
that qvm-run -a vm the-additional-software would be a kind of race condition.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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