I am a fairly new linux user and so far have been using ubuntu and debian8. 
Trying to install Qubes 3.2 in my xps 15 9560. I used a usb to write the iso 
using Rufus and I could pretty much get to point where I had to select the 
device(internal storage) to install the os on. I had made a partion of my disk. 
But it so happens that there are no disks listed to select. Can anyone please 
help me with this. Also I was wondering if the SATA needs to be in AHCI instead 
of RAID like it is now. I got a new laptop for Qubes, do not want to give it 
back disappointed. New to this group, so if there is any mistake or if I did 
not follow a certain code in here please excuse me and let me know what I can 



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