On Thursday, 18 May 2017 04:48:20 UTC+2, David L. Craig  wrote:
> I'm a newb for Qubes OS, Xen, Fedora, not to mention avoiding
> systemd like the plague, so this is probably simple for someone.
> I've installed Qubes 3.2 without problem except neither of the
> RTL8111/8168/8144 NICs come up.  All r8169 references in the
> [dom0]/var/log/xen/console/guest-sys-net.log for enp0s0 and enp0s1
> indicate the links are down or not ready.  I read in the User's FAQ
> under the "Why does my network adaptor not work?" question that
> linux-firmware probably needs to be installed in the sys-net's
> templatevm (using "sudo yum"--is not an update to use dnf indicated?)
> but "sudo dnf install linux-firmware" produces a nastygram ("Error:
> failed to synchronize cache for repo 'fedora'") that seems to
> indicate there may be a chicken and egg situation afoot.  Any
> suggestions before I attempt to import files from a /lib/firmware
> somewhere via a USB-stick?
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another option could be to download the drivers on another machine, putting 
them onto a usb drive, and then installing them on your qubes installtion.

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