Hi List,

from time to time I need my win7, WinXp etc Standalone-VMs. 
Everything was fine until just now (so maybe after the last dom0-Update)
I cannot start any Windows Standalone HVM any more.

I get 
"line: vm.name.thread_monoitor.error_msg),
func: start_vm
line no.: 1217
file /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/qubesmanager/main.py
func: action_resumevm_triggered
line no.: 1195
file: /usre/lib64/python2.7)site-packages/qubesmanager/main.py

"Icon size: 128x128
domain dead
Failed to connect to gui-agent

"domain dead
cannot connect to qrexec agent: No such process

Could anyone give a hint?


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