Am 19.06.2017 um 00:46 schrieb Unman:
> On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 10:04:05PM +0200, evo wrote:
>> Hello!
>> after i updated my app-template to debian 9 (dom0 is on fedora24) for
>> some special apps i can not run ANY filemanager anymore!
>> i tried to install thunar, caja, nautilus, nemo... they are all now on
>> my template... but nothing can be run.
>> Can somebody understand it and help?
>> Thanks!
> Open a terminal in the qube and try to run (e.g.) nautilus - what
> happens?

strange... i've tried it already yesterday with caja, dolphin and so on,
it gave me "command not found"

now i have nautilus over terminal with 3 warnings: "no space left on device"

so the problem was the missing space.
as i cleaned it, nautilus runs also over GUI.

thank you!

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