Hi all

Over on https://www.qubes-os.org/donate/ I see I can setup a donation one of 
two ways, Bitcoin and via Open Collective, however 14% for the latter seems a 
hell of a donation overhead. As such, I'd like to use Bitcoin but have no idea 
how. While I realise there are probably many idiots guides, I wonder if this is 
a common feeling of people that visit the donate page.

I'm happy to muddle through setting up a recurring bitcoin donation and then 
contribute a guide (I currently have nothing else for which I would use 
bitcoin) if this would be helpful, but also wonder if someone has some notes 
stuffed away in a gist or similar somewhere?

On a related point, I've not been keeping up on all the ways you guys are 
seeking funding, but I believe selling individual support licenses for those 
who wished to purchase them was decided to be not worth the revenue it would 
generate vs effort, is this still the case? I use Qubes as my daily driver and 
cannot get any of the 4.x series kernels to work on my laptop, so am behind on 
this element of security updates. I take it I can't purchase a support case 
from ITL at the current point in time?


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