- X failed to start in the installer for both the normal graphical
install and the basic graphics mode
- The text based installed was too borked to use
- Added `inst.vnc inst.vncpassword=testpwd` as described in the
anaconda docs to the bootline to get anaconda to run the graphical
install using a VNC server
- I was then able to install Qubes via VNC from a separate system

Initial run(s):
- X failed to start
- I mostly followed the steps laid out in!topic/qubes-users/Ot2u03aUmnc ,
except ethernet wasn't working so I added the entire USB device to the
"netvm" VM from it to use a USB ethernet adapter

- doesn't work (even post system update)
- Attempting to add the ethernet device to a vm results in libxl
errors (the first time, e.g. "The kernel doesn't support reset from
sysfs for PCI device <id>")
- On a second run of the `qvm-pci -a` command, it "works" insofar as
the VM sees the device and it shows up in `ifconfig -a`
- The ethernet adapter is not actually usable in this state
- Attempting to boot a VM with the ethernet device added prevents the
VM from booting with errors

- After installing updates to that X can actually run, it "works"
- Since the screen is HiDPI, everything is tiny to the point of being
painful to read
- Fixing the `xfce settings -> appearance -> font -> dpi` setting only
sort-of works for dom0
- The personal vm seems to get this fine, or at least Firefox and
gnome-terminal running in it scales properly

- work!

Headphone jack:
- works!

- not sure, the mixer seems to show it working, but
gnome-sound-recorder in the sys-usb vm hangs

- laptop eventually turns off, and then doesn't come back again

- works!

- works!

Mini DisplayPort:
- doesn't appear to work

- the 3.0 A ports appear to work
- the C port doesn't appear to work

- seems to show up under USB
- haven't tested it


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