W dniu piątek, 7 lipca 2017 01:11:51 UTC+2 użytkownik motech man napisał:
> I just tried to switch my USB keyboard and USB mouse over to the PS2 inputs 
> with adapters but neither work.
> My question is does Qubes use installable modules for PS2 support? Is support 
> for PS2 compiled into the kernel or is it dynamic?
> It may be a hardware issue, but I just thought I'd ask here about the OS.
> I have only tried one keyboard and 1 mouse, the ones that came bundled with 
> the system. They are rather fancy gaming devices, both have LEDs for 
> decoration & backlighting.
> There doesn't seem to be any shortage of current to supply either device, all 
> look just as it plugged into a USB port. There is no signs however that Qubes 
> recognizes input from either.
> Was hoping for a simple conversion, but it doesn't look like that is likely.

Qubes most definitely supports PS/2 keyboards as that's how I have mine hooked 
up. But in order for a simple passive adapter to work the keyboard itself must 
support PS/2 transmission mode (totally different from USB mode). Try using a 
native PS/2 keyboard or buy a mechanical keyboard as these not only support 
PS/2 transmission mode but also come with PS/2 adapters by default.

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