Hi Noor, 

thanx for the fast reply. 

> There is some information on this workflow in the official docs[0].
I read some of that but at times my understanding is limited. 

> Personally I just have one specific win7 HVM that I treat as the base
> template, then make a clone from that one whenever I need a win7 VM.
I am currently still using MacOS. But within the year I want to move to Qubes. 

I have 2 use cases for Windows.
1. Watch Netflix or Amazon etc. They reject the use of VPN and ask for a lot of 
"information", which is basically ok for me.
2. Banking. I have 2 banking applications that have multilevel authentication 
one of which makes use of a usb token. Here I want a usb-vm to connect these 
and only these usb devices. And I want a VPN connection with a trusted server 
and on top of that a very restrictive (IP-range based) Firewall. 

The two contradict. That's why I wanted a basic Windows installation and from 
that two or more domains with specific configs.

But your idea of cloning is interesting. It seems simple, but it's a bit 
harddisk consuming ...

Thanx, hen

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