On Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 06:42:02AM -0700, henrydoblin...@gmail.com wrote:
> I have 2 use cases for Windows.
> 1. Watch Netflix or Amazon etc. They reject the use of VPN and ask for
> a lot of "information", which is basically ok for me.

They don't have Linux support yet? That's just crazy...

> 2. Banking. I have 2 banking applications that have multilevel
> authentication one of which makes use of a usb token. Here I want a
> usb-vm to connect these and only these usb devices. And I want a VPN
> connection with a trusted server and on top of that a very restrictive
> (IP-range based) Firewall. 
> The two contradict. That's why I wanted a basic Windows installation
> and from that two or more domains with specific configs.

To answer your general question, that workflow is very much possible and
officially documented (as you've already read in the docs). You will
have to run a CLI command or two to create the initial template, but
from there on it looks like you create them much the same way as any
other template-based VM using the GUI tools.

Hopefully someone else have more experience in using win7 in the normal
TemplateVM sense and can share some notes. :-)

> But your idea of cloning is interesting. It seems simple, but it's a
> bit harddisk consuming ...

Yeah, it's harddisk consuming and I have to upgrade each cloned VM

-- noor

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