> On Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 01:49:54AM +0000, js...@riseup.net wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I followed the instructions in the Qubes docs to create a dispvm
>> template based on the whonix-ws template. I installed a few applications
>> in the template (gedit, libreoffice, etc.) and I've been able to
>> customize my dispvm by setting preferences in applications.
>> I'm having trouble changing the default applications that files open in
>> though. For example, whenever I open a plain text file in a dispvm, it
>> opens in libreoffice. I want it to open in gedit instead. I'm having a
>> similar issue with pdf and image files.
>> I tried using update-alternatives in whonix-ws-dvm, but that didn't work
>> for me (the only options for editors were non-gui editors like nano and
>> vim). Changing the default application in the file manager (dolphin) in
>> whonix-ws-dvm also doesn't work for me.
>> I'm able to get around this by opening a terminal in a dispvm, then
>> using the "copy to vm" feature to copy the text file to my new dispvm,
>> then opening gedit in terminal, then opening the file from
>> QubesIncoming, but this is a pain.
>> Does anyone know how to change the default applications for dispvms?
> This has been covered a number of times on the list - it's a subset of
> configuring the dispVMTemplate. If setting it in file manager doesnt
> work then mimeopen should serve.
> There was a thread "How to set file association in disposable VMs" 6
> months back - that should have everything you need.
> unman

Thank you very much, the instructions in that other thread worked perfectly!

I might have performed some unnecessary steps, but here's what I did:

1. Open dolphin in whonix-ws.
2. Set file association for all desired filetypes in dolphin.
3. Use mimeopen -d in whonix-ws terminal to set default for all filetypes.
4. Shut down whonix-ws.
5. qvm-run -a whonix-ws-dvm konsole in dom0 terminal to open terminal in
6. Perform same steps as above (set file association in dolphin and with
mimeopen -d).
7. touch /home/user/.qubes-dispvm-customized in whonix-ws-dvm terminal.
8. Shut down whonix-ws-dvm.
9. qvm-create-default-dvm whonix-ws in dom0 terminal.

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