GitHub has released an interesting piece of Mac software called Soft

It's basically a virtual security key, and it stores its secret in the
macOS keyring. When you login to a website with 2FA, instead of using a
physical USB security key, you just click an "approve" button that pops up.

Their blog about it says: "Authenticators are normally USB devices that
communicate over the HID protocol. By emulating a HID device, Soft U2F
is able to communicate with your U2F-enabled browser, and by extension,
any websites implementing U2F."

As it stands, U2F is a pain in Qubes because you have to deal with USB
passthrough, and exposing your VMs to sys-usb.

How hard would it be to build a Qubes version of Soft U2F that stores
the secret in a separate VM, similar to split gpg? This could make using
U2F much more usable and secure inside of Qubes, I think.

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