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Hello Qubes users.

I use qvm-run to start a firefox in a disp-vm.

The command is
/usr/bin/qvm-run --dispvm firefox "$url"
/usr/bin/qvm-run --dispvm "firefox "$url""

This works fine, as long as there is no & in the url. If there is an &,
this letter and all following symbols are removed.

If I use

firefox "$url"

the correct url is opened up in the current VM as expected

Is this a bug in qvm-run or is there an error in the command?


Than again, maybe not quite a bug. The quotes you supply are used-up by the dom0 shell. This is expected.

Running the command with --pass-io, you can see that everything to the right of & is run as a separate command on the target VM, except when its escaped as \&.

  qvm-run --pass-io untrusted "notify-send HI&THERE"
...results in "WHAT not found" in red lettering (from untrusted VM). But using \& works as a single command.

You can also supply an additional set of quotes like this:

  qvm-run --pass-io untrusted "notify-send \"HI&THERE\""

This quoting method seems mose usable because you don't have to be vigilant about escaping different characters... just escaping the extra quotes should do it.


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