Am 31.07.2017 8:09 nachm. schrieb <f.tuttm...@gmail.com>:

I don't like that Qubes Manager was removed.

I can understand that this might feel strange, but after getting used to it
you can do anything (even more than with Qubes Manager) from the command

As far as I have understand, the option is there that someone can program a
Qubes GUI, but this is not in scope of the Qubes Core Team, which seem ro
be focussed more on the "real"/difficult Qubes stuff.
I think this is a good decision, but having something like a "legacy" Qubes
Manager for Newbies might be helpful for beginners.

I am also looking for an icon for Backup/Restore.

You can do backup and restores from the CLI (at least on Qubes 3.2) and I
am sure that this can also be done in Qubes 4 RC1.
In dom0:
qubes-backup-restore --help
... will tell you exactly what you need to do.

 As long as I can't find this option I can't restore my VMs and this
release is useless for me.

Have you tried to do a restore via CLI?
If you run into problems, just tell us where exactly the problem is and
we'll figure it out.

I'll download RC1 this evening and will also restore my Qubes 3.2 VMs.
I can then update this post with a short how-to.

- PhR

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