I think it makes sense to concentrate more on what we (different user
types/groups) would like to see, instead of having some kind of 'flame war'
GUI vs. Terminal.

The good thing was always that you can built very complicated workflows
using  the terminal/bash scrips make life easier and that you can have a
GUI for 80% of the standard tasks for "normal users", which are more
interested in using their computer as a tool instead of tweaking around.

We can and should have both:
1) API/terminal commands for 'advanced users' and
2) a simple GUI for normal users who just want to use a PC that protects
their privacy somewhat better than their current Windows 10 Laptop.

Am 05.08.2017 5:02 nachm. schrieb "cooloutac" <raahe...@gmail.com>:

The forever problem of linux,  is the self fulfilling prophecies from
people who want to feel superior over others.

Disagree, I think that those people are just faster using the terminal.
And those users are technically skilled and have at least basic knowledge
about an operating system.

I agree with cooloutac that Qubes has a benefit if it can be used for
regular tasks without touching the terminal.
Even when using Windows lots of people use Laptops that have been setup by
experienced users and then handover to them.
They don't bother with tweaking the system, so simplifying the use of Qubes
would help to get those users on board.

Important point is that additional security/privacy has most time a price
that it add a small layer of complexity/less usability for the user.
But Qubes is doing a great job to reduce this overhead.

As far as I have understand the Qubes team statement, it seems that the
concentrate more on the Qubes Core stuff and having the API/Terminal
commands, someone can still write a GUI for Qubes like Qubes Manager.

Honestly I don't understand why it is that hard to Port Qubes Manager over
to Qubes 4, so that the user can choose:

- terminal
- old Qubes manager with maybe a reduced feature set
- new Qubes widgets
- ... ?

This topic reminds me about the vi vs. emacs discussions. What the heck? I
use both ;-)
Or the new "Ribbon Bar" from Microsoft which was also not that accepted in
the beginning.

- PhR

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