On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 2:11:41 AM UTC+2, PR wrote:
> Hello,
hi. :)
>       Notifications - I haven't seen any notifications at all, like
>         starting/stopping of VMs or when a new USB-device has been
>         attached. Would like to see the notification from Qubes 3.2 in
>         Qubes 4
>       Positioning of Blockdevice and Running VMs widgets:
>         I see my self moving the mouse from left to right a lot, just to
>         start programs and get information (from the widgets) - again
>         Qubes Manager was much more comfortable.
few options for you:
- Alt-f2 (or alt-f1+arrow keys) is your friend. :p 
- you can also choose to permanently move either the start menu or the widgets 
to the left of the menu bar. :)
>         Is it possible to have something like a desktop widget, showing
>         all running AppVMs?
Would a toggle to permanently expand/unfold the manager-widget do? Or do you 
also want additional features accessible from that QM-widget?

>       IDEA "QuickstartBar": Could we get something like a shortcut
>         so that a launch bar will open up, where I can enter either bash
>         commands or something like: untrusted:firefox and then Firefox
>         opens in my AppVM named untrusted (general syntax:
>         AppVM:Command/Program? task completion would even be easier?
Beyond what you can do with alt-f2 (in xfce) + searching + arrow key navigation?
>       The AppVM widget is only showing sys-usb, sys-net,
>         sys-firewall, not other AppVMs which are running.
If this concerns VMs you've created yourself, this should probably be fixed in 
the next update. Or do you mean the 'devices' widget?

>       The "Create Qubes VM" menu entry could also be enhanced so
>         that we have the option to create a clone from an existing VM.
>         Maybe via something like an additional option "Clone from
>         <LIST>"
Not sure I'd use this often enough for it to make sense -- isn't this part of 
what dispvms are for?

>       Working with USB devices: Could we improve the handling of usb
>         devices. Currently it seems that it is impossible to add a
>         usb-device to a VM without touching the terminal.
Huh? That should be there now, even if it doesn't look the part, and isn't very 
intuitive (devices widget in notification area? Or doesn't that do usb devices 
yet? (I can't test this myself due to a different bug)).

>         From user perspective I would like to get a notification popup
>         as soon as I attach something to my laptop, then allowing me to
>         choose with the next click where to attach this device to.
>         If I am attaching a device it is most time because I need to get
>         this device into an AppVM.
>       Fonts/Display Resolution seems to be different compared to
>         Qubes 3.2.
>         My Laptop has a 3K resolution 2880x1620 Pixels. In 4rc1 the
>         qubes window frames (which seems to be rendered in dom0) are
>         small, but the content in the window (content of the AppVM) is
>         using a bigger font (DPI-size).
>         How can this be resolved?
Does this help? 

>       qvm-top ... seems to be gone, how can I quickly get a list of
>         all running VMs?
try qvm-ls

>         I now have to enter the name of the target AppVM when pasting
>         via global clipboard (Shift+Ctrl+V). While this adds more
>         security, it is a pain for the user, when copying a lot. Could
>         it make possible to have the option to get a slightly easier
>         copy&paste process:
>         the current appvm, to which the window belongs is already
>         selected in the list of the target VM.
>         If the user hits Enter two (!) times, the content of clipboard
>         would be pasted into this AppVM clipboard.

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