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> Hello,
> I have already raised a question in the thread regarding Qubes 4rc1, but as 
> the Lenovo series is a common laptop for Qubes it might make sense to open a 
> dedicated thread for this.
> I tried several things in order to get Qubes 4 running on my Lenovo X200 but 
> it seems I am stuck.
> I've installed Qubes 4 from USB with VT-d disabled which works but throws an 
> error in the end and which doesn't allow to start an AppVM:
> Start failed: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain 
> 'sys-firewall'
> I have also tried to create a new Fedora 25 based AppVM (HVM and non-HVM) and 
> run into the same error.
> I have enabled VT-d in the BIOS and rebooted, same error. I have 
> enabled/disabled iommu=igfx / no-igfx same problem.
> Unfortunately it seems that I can't enable VT-d during Qubes installation as 
> the installer will halt with a black screen when VT-d is enabled.> See here 
> for the hint regarding the Installation of Qubes 3.2 (?):> 
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/thinkpad-troubleshooting/
> As I didn't have any trouble installing and running Qubes 3.2 on the X200 
> (with 8 GB RAM) I don't understand what is the problem with Qubes 4.
> I've done some crossreading regarding the libxenlight error but didn't come 
> to a good suggestion what to try next.
> - PhR
> -- 

My Thinkpad  also runs 3.2 with no issues minus the well known Nvidia issue.  I 
was concerned as well trying the 4 prerelease, but I believe Joanna posted 
recently how Quebes 4 architecture is significantly different from all prior 
builds, not to mention new kernel. Many current users may require a completely 
new hardware. I think you are right many would benefit from a dedicated thread. 

When I was able to get some sort of functionally I understood where most common 
tasks in 3.2 where relocated to in dom0. But I could not figure out how/where 
to go to restore my backups. Which brings me to the subject of 4 strictly using 
HVMs if I'm correct.  Is there a process for app VMs to smoothly transition to 
HVMs? I have to assume these will all run in seamless mode? Lots of questions 
on top of the Thinkpad specific ones. I'm in no hurry for answers, they will 
come in time. 

That being said, I can't begin to say how appreciative I am for the developers' 
hard work over the last two years to bring us a prerelease.  And everyone 
should keep in mind that is exactly what it is, a prerelease. I'm not 
discouraged having to revert to 3.2 temporarily. 



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