Am 06.08.2017 11:05 nachm. schrieb "pencilfight" <pencilfi...@tutanota.com>:

Many current users may require a completely new hardware. I think you are
right many would benefit from a dedicated thread.

Of course the task for "us" as prerelease testers is to give valuable
feedback what is working and what is not which will save other users
struggling with Qubes.

The most important is:
Will Qubes 4 work with my hardware, if the answer is yes, I have no problem
trying to get Qubes up and running, but if the answer is no, I would of
course save my time and just get the proper hardware.

So I would like to see which hardware can be used with Qubes 4. Currently I
am not sure if this is the case with the Lenovo X200.
Is there a dedicated HCL for Qubes 4?

I would like to see the Lenovo X230 supported on Qubes 4 if the old X200
will not work.

As such my question again:
Has someone successfully setup Qubes 4rc1 on a X200?
And if so, what was the trick?

Regarding hardware:

If we manage to get a 12, 14 and 15inch laptop from Lenovo / Dell and maybe
HP on a Qubes 4 HCL this would benefit new users as they can just buy a
refurbished nlmodell for cheap.
Most people I talk to have no problem buying a laptop if the know what the
need to buy.

Someone might even come up with the idea to sell SSDs with Qubes
preinstalled which can be a good thing for new users who just need to
replace their harddrive which is an easy task with corporate grade laptops.

I know that someone will say, that this doesn't guarantee that the
installation has not been tampered, but honestly I am already trusting the
Qubes team for their work.

- PhR

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