Hi, as a new 4.0 qubes user and new qubes user, I have questions about the 
Admin API

As an admin in my society, I would like to make my users use Qubes, but, to be 
sure that they doesn't broke anything and that no secured information goes out, 
I would like that they have the minimum right on the VM they are using. 

I would like by exemple to make that they are not able to create other VM then 
those I have created for them.

So for that I have tried to create an "admin VM" like you propose with the 
Admin API to not have all on Dom0. for the rights, it seems that there is no 
problem, I have follow your post on "introducing Admin API" so the must be 
right, but the problem is that even with the rights, the VM I want to use keep 
said to me that they don't know the command.

By exemple when I try the: qvm-ls to monitor my VM's it said me:
Bash: qvm-ls command not found

Could you help me to find where is my mistake

Thank you in advance...

Best regards


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