Yes, that was the plan, using the HDD for things like Films , SafeVault and so 
on :).However, i dont know yet how easy /complicated it is under qubes to 
specify the storage place etc of the different vms( is it done the way its done 
in "normal" linux with partitions-Setup and fstab?)

" If you're still worried about this type of attack, an USB
qube used with external USB WiFi/Ethernet adapters might be the best
option (although a bit bulky). "

Thats in fact my current setup.I know i should not be possible to exploit it 
via wireless connection, however..well the thing with paranoia is, youre always 
thinking in the back of your head "as far as we know." ;-D

Anyway, thanks again for answering my questions, i think i will test qubes 4.0 
on the x1c.


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