I would like to know if on the new 4.0 it is possible to lock down data in a VM 
like that nothing can go out of the VM (like no internet or copypaste through 
dom0). I would like to make that specially for usb sticks or other stocking 
device, that people can work on things on the usb in the VM but nothing must be 
able to go out.

Additionally to that, I would like to know if it is possible to use the sys-usb 
vm but with an usb keyboard, cause for the moment, when I try to implement it, 
it finish in a dead lock cause I cannot use the keyboard when restarting. And 
even with the ask policy, it happens after the login so it is pretty 
problematic and allow it completely,will probably cause a security issue for my 
system on of the question above.

Thank you in advance...

Best regards


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