I also had some trouble getting Windows 7 to run in seamless mode but learned a lot during installations :-)

On 08/10/17 19:38, hugonco...@gmail.com wrote:
If I start the VM in Seemless GUI, it goes on but doesn't open any application 
(with and without debug mode on).
If I start the VM without Seemless GUI, it only goes on with debug mode on, 
otherwise it'll follow the above pattern.

In total I ended up installing windows roughly 20 times, tweaking lots of settings - but if know how it can be done, you get rewarded with a working windows installation which is running fine in seamless mode.

I can walk you through the process, you can send me a private email so that we can do instead of bothering people on the list ;-)

As suggested the first thing you need to do is creating a new windows 7 HVM and install windows (all in debug mode), don't make any windows updates and don't install additional applications. If the you have the windows HVM restarted several times and it is running smoothly, shutdown and make a backup so that we can use this HVM in case we mess something up.

Afterwards we try to get things up & running.

Also, 2nd problem, I've installed MS Office, I've copied the shortcuts to the "All 
Programs" folder and I'm unable to find them in the "Applications" tab in the VM 
config. Is there anything I can do? Also, other installed programmes don't appear on the list, it's 
not just Office.

Some application install their shortcuts under c:\users\<USERNAME>... and other under c:\users\all users or something similar - I don't have my windows VM running to look. Qubes will only grab the programs from one location, I think c:\users\<USERNAME>..Startmenu You need to copy the shortcuts there and then they will be available in Qubes :-)

I can look up the exact folders, when I start my old Qubes Laptop, currently I am running 4rc1 without a windows HVM.

- PhR

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