Am Samstag, 20. Mai 2017 21:42:50 UTC+2 schrieb Reg Tiangha:
> People may not have noticed, but there is now a 4.9 kernel in
> current-testing (4.9.28 to be specific).
> If the release schedule holds, then that should be migrated to stable
> soon, however, before that happens, some feedback on that kernel would
> be useful before it gets pushed to the majority of users.
> Specifically, it'd be nice to know if:
> 1) Hardware that used to work with 4.4 or 4.8 no longer works with 4.9.
> 2) Hardware that didn't work with 4.4 or 4.8 still doesn't work.

With 4.9 the touchpad of my Latitude E7470 (06DC) can be configured. This was 
not possible with any older kernel and i was forced to use "natural scrolling". 
Now i can configure all features via the KDE control center.

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