> How can I install Qubes with VNC?

1. Append nomodeset ip=dhcp inst.nokill inst.vnc to the kernel command
line. Remove rhgb and quiet to see the kernel messages scroll by, which
may help in further diagnostics.
If DHCP is not available on the installation network, the syntax becomes
a bit more involved. The full list of variants is documented in the
[Dracut Command-line parameters]
2. The VGA console should switch into the installer’s
multi-virtual-terminal display. VNC may take a number of minutes to
start, please be patient.
3. Using the anaconda installer interface, switch to the “shell” TTY
(ALT-F2), and use "ip a" command to display the IP addresses. (On my
keyboard it was some other key combination which I don't remember)
Connect to the IP (remember the :1) using a VNC viewer.
Follow the installation UI.

As the current kernel does not support your graphics card, you need a
newer kernel for dom0. I think this one should work:
So after installation put it e.g. on a USB-stick (which can be dangerous
as it could be compromised) and install it in dom0 with "dnf install".
Afterwards your graphics card should work if it is supported by the new

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