I would just like to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Qubes and I am glad 
the decision was made to utilize HVM's instead of PV's.

I just wanted to contribute some issues I have encountered with Qubes 4.0:

Issue 1: Copying files from dom0 seems to be broken.  

qvm-copy-to-vm hangs and never completes.  sending a SIGINT results in error 
message popup: qfile-unpacker: Fatal error: Child process exited 
abnormally(error type: File exists).  Python trace on terminal shows this error 
occuring during function load_entry_point in script qvm-run.

Despite the error message that File exists, it does not exist on target machine 
and fails to copy.

Issue 2: bridging usb thumb drives fails to work

I can succesfully access an SD card in an arbitrary domain by bridging the USB 
device, but this does not work with a normal USB thumb drive.

sys-usb successfully recognizes that block devices have been attached via USB 
port and dom0 recognizes that the devices are present as well.  When I attempt 
to bridge the devices to a machine the target HVM fails to recognize any block 
devices are attached and the only change to /dev/ is the addition of a usbmon 
file.  The attached block devices fail to transfer to the target HVM and remain 
present in sys-usb

Also, it would be useful if the final release version came with lvm2 already 

Issue 3: fails to properly shutdown

when invoking shutdown -h now from dom0 terminal will eventually display 
'reached target shutdown' but will never actually power off the machine (dell 
inspiron 5558)

when using the GUI shutdown option the shutdown process gets stuck in an 
infinite loop and requires power button to shut off. loop displays two messages 
repeating in quick succession.  They move too quick for me to read but are 
similar to this: 

ioctl fail - (some message that is too quick to read)
error (something) LUKS-...

The combination of issues 1 and 2 make it impossible for me to retrieve any of 
my files from my USB backup into the proper domains.

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