On 2017-09-12 05:32, pixel fairy wrote:
> On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 10:31:56 PM UTC-7, pixel fairy wrote:
>> given that appvms cant use 3d acceleration anyway, your best bet is intel 
>> graphics. if your going to give a gpu to a vm, then it depends on the os of 
>> that vm.
>> last i checked, nvidia is fine with virtualization of quadro cards.
>> make sure the workstation doesnt have AMT (vpro etc) as bussiness lines tend 
>> to. you may be safer with what dell would otherwise sell as a consumer 
>> desktop or gaming rig, minus the fancy graphics card unless your going to 
>> use it. but, if thats a big part of your work, you may be better off with 
>> linux + kvm or something else instead of qubes.
> damn nonlinear editing. that last sentence was supposed to go at the
> end of the first paragraph.

Well, the good news is that enabling vPro on a Dell is an extra option
that you can select (costs $19), so I made sure that selection was off.
Thanks for the heads up.

The newer Xeon chips in the E5 Series no longer include on-board
processor graphics, so Intel graphics isn't an option if I go this
route. They can handle a lot more RAM (1.2TB vs. 64GB) and have more
cores (10 vs. 4). There's generally a lot more I could do simultaneously
with this chip it seems looking at the specs.

Researching through these forums and even the Qubes Docs there seems to
be a "stay away from nVidia" theme; That's why I was focusing on the AMD
graphics card option. Is nVidia Quadro a viable option?

Using the Dell configurator, and plugging in RedHat Linux 7.2 as the OS
I find that the very newest AMD FirePro graphics card I selected isn't
compatible. (I'm assuming RHEL 7.2 is a roughly equivalent to the Fedora
23 in dom0) So I dropped down to the older W5100 card and that seemed to
work for them.

The graphics aren't really a big part of my work. I just want a box that
will be ready to run Qubes v4. 

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