On 09/12/2017 01:31 AM, pixel fairy wrote:

last i checked, nvidia is fine with virtualization of quadro cards.
You shouldn't support a company that artificially hobbles their "consumer" drivers, not only refuses to develop open source drivers but puts in the extra effort to slow down the nouveau project and adds hardware enforced code signing to prevent firmware modifications.
make sure the workstation doesnt have AMT (vpro etc) as bussiness lines tend 
to. you may be safer with what dell would otherwise sell as a consumer desktop 
or gaming rig, minus the fancy graphics card unless your going to use it. but, 
if thats a big part of your work, you may be better off with linux + kvm or 
something else instead of qubes.

AMT/vPro is simply an addon to ME - setting it to disabled or not configuring it is the same as not having it at all - either way you have ME and all it's wonderful security problems.

A certain company has brainwashed people in to believing a system without a vPro license is secure from ME attacks, it isn't - there literally isn't any difference at all.

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