El martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017, 18:43:12 (UTC+2), Sven Semmler  escribió:
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> On 09/12/2017 02:15 AM, segu.sa...@gmail.com wrote:
> > I have a script that uses UNISON [...] The idea is to sync files 
> > between two virtual machines that have no visibility between them.
> Can you be more specific? Will those two VMs have network connections?
> Are you planning to continue using UNISON? Must the script run fully
> automatically or is some limited user interaction ok? (scheduled or
> manual run)
> > Has anyone faced this problem or imagined a solution for this?
> * you can use qvm-copy-to-vm to copy file(s) from one VM to another,
> whoever it won't give you synchronization ... if the sender had
> visibility of the file system of the receiver, it would defeat the
> entire purpose of Qubes OS (compartmentalization).
> * you can mount a USB block device to VM 1 and run your script to sync
> between VM 1 and a folder structure on the USB block device, then you
> could unmount and mount the same to VM 2 and now run your script again
> to sync with VM 2
> * you could allow network for both VMs via sys-firewall and setup
> firewall rules that would ensure that the only connection between the to
> VMs is the one for UNISON (e.g. unison -socket 1234). You can lookup the
> internal IP addresses of the VMs in the Qubes Manager.
> Finally, I would recommend to take a step back and question your setup.
> How much thought have you put into your domain compartmentalization? Is
> it really necessary to sync between the two VMs? What is the purpose of
> having the same files in two VMs that are isolated from each other?
> /Sven
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I have, finally, managed to run the scripts by using SSH and the firewalls of 
the machines. Thank you so much. SSH is what I needed.

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