I have a secondary drive that is luks encrypted and can't seem to connect to it consistently.
Sometimes it doesn't show up at all
Other times in the vm manager it says its connected, but I can't see it, its not mounted in /mnt or /media
I also can't "find" it via the file manager

Here are two devices I see when I try to attach my drive:
Attach dom0: md127 0 B ()
Attach dom0: dm-8 1862 GiB luks-randome-strong-numbers

The second is the one I can't open (though, while I am at it, what is this "md 127 0 B ()"? It shows up even when I don't have other devices plugged in)

I am running 3.2 and am all up to date as far as I know (checked for updates for both of the templates RH24 and Db9)

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