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It is because of the VM overhead (close ones you don't need), you should
also set cpu powersave to "on demand" and force pci-e aspm.

In comparison I get around 5 hours of battery life with a 65Wh battery.

I have no installed TLP in dom0 via 'sudo qubes-dom0-update tlp tlp-rdw'.

Next step was to start TLP via 'sudo tlp start' and went straight into
battery mode. You can always switch via 'sudo tlp bat' or 'sudo tlp ac'.
As far as I know TLP will do so automatically.

I have switched of all App/Sys-VMs and if dom0 is running the x230 is using
~7.000 - 7.700 mW.
Battery runtime is now given with ~12-13 hours, which sounds unrealistic to
me and of course it doesn't make sense to run Qubes without any AppVM :-)

With some AppVMs running like:
sys-net / sys-firewall / sys-usb / Webbrowser AppVM, attached USB Mouse,
Wifi enabled and doing some Webbrowsing battery is now using ~11.000-13.500
Battery runtime is now estimated with 7 hours.

So it seems that TLP makes big difference when it installed.

I have installed it not only in dom0, but also my AppVM templates.

- P

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