I want to start by saying I really like this laptop so far and it works great 
for me in qubes 4.0. I’m a (very) long term linux user but new to qubes. For 
the last 5 years I have used a macBook pro as my primary computer for personal 
and work, and am using this to replace that first for personal stuff and dev 
projects and then hopefully soon for my main work also. I also didn’t ever boot 
pureOs (their debian spin) so can’t comment on what that’s like. 

So a 15” mbp is my point of comparison and these are relatively minor issues 
which don’t stop me from using the laptop for everything I need (so far):
they added a numpad (that I don’t use) so you’re not centered on the screen 
when you type and there are extra keys to the right of the arrows. Annoying to 
me but many people wouldn’t notice or might even like the numpad
It won’t boot qubes R3.2 for some reason so I have to run R4.0. That’s fine for 
me although it means a somewhat rougher user experience as it’s not super 
polished yet
The keys for screen brightness, volume etc are hooked up using dark magic that 
doesn’t work in i3wm for some reason. On xfce they work just fine. At some 
point I’ll try to figure it out and if you don’t use i3 you may not care
 I haven’t got the acpi (or whatever it’s called now) settings quite right yet 
so it doesn’t shut down properly - It shuts everything down but leaves the 
screen backlight on, then I have to manually press and hold the power button 
for it to actually shut down. Likewise I can hibernate it, but it doesn’t come 
back from hibernation. Again, there’s probably a fix
I’m not crazy about the touchpad. It’s resonsive enough but the friction on the 
surface is a little high.  I guess macs have pampered me and I’ve become soft. 
It won’t drive my super-wide external monitor at full resolution so I am 
restricted to a “mere” 1900xsomething. 

If you’re not familiar with this laptop, some of the points in its favour are:
1. Free software ethos: comes with core boot and the hardware is user 
replaceable to an extent very unusual for a laptop
2. Security-minded: ME disabled, open-source bios and has hardware disable 
switches for mic&camera and wifi&bluetooth

Let me know if you have specific questions and I’ll try to address


Sent from my phone. Sorry if brief. 

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