The entire system goes from "perfectly fine" to a state where the screen
looks normal, but the sound gets stuck in a one second long loop and the
system no longer responds to any keypres, the mouse doesn't react, it is
completely 100% frozen.
> This happens several times a day now and turning off the power is the only 
> thing I can do. Reinstalling 3.2 from scratch didn't fix it.

I had temporary lockups that turned out to be related to a USB 3.0
(XHCI) controller and my USB mouse. Entire VMs would freeze until I
switched to Dom0 and back, IIRC. I changed some settings in BIOS so
everything was only EHCI and that fixed my problem.

It may not be anything in Qubes; It may be memory errors or an
overheating processor. Try running Memtest (freeware) for the memory.
Check for and blow out any dust buildup in your computer. I don't know
of an easy way to check temps within Qubes, but your BIOS ought to give
some indication.

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