On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 07:24:25PM -0700, Person wrote:
> I believe I downloaded to [sys-net] Downloads. I can find the file easily if 
> I just go to sys-net and click "Files".
> However, I can't find the terminal you are speaking of in sys-net 
> specifically. I tried it on dom0 instead, but it doesn't work.

Some basics:
You can add a shortcut to the menu using the "Add more shortcuts" option
for the qube. If you do this you will see an option for (at minimum)
xterm. This will give you a menu item to launch a terminal in your chosen
Alternatively, you can open a terminal in dom0 and use:
qvm-run <qube> xterm
To open a terminal in the qube (add -a if the qube is not running and it
will automatically start.)

So much for the terminal.

You say you can find the file easily, but not where it is. I assume it's
in /home/user/Downloads
Then the command would be 
qvm-start <hvm> --cdrom=sys-net:/home/user/Downloads/<name of iso>

I don't understand what your final sentence means.

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