On 10/03/2017 09:37 PM, Person wrote:
Because the terminal didn’t respond with an error message, I am relatively sure 
that the ISO was successfully copied to dom0. Copying it to dom0 wasn’t a 
problem, really, but finding it in dom0 was. And the “find” commands don’t seem 
to work for finding in dom0.

In a dom0 terminal, the file should be in whatever directory you were in when you ran the qvm-run command, since you didn't specify a directory in the command you showed. If you didn't change directories first, that would either be /root if you were root or /home/user otherwise.

You should be able to find it (as root) by running:

# find /root /home -name '*.iso'

If it's not found in either of them, then you either put it somewhere else (like /tmp or /var/lib/qubes), or the copy didn't work.

As for what to do with it once it's copied, I can't help there at this point.


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