> Heya, 
> TL:DR 
> Is there anything wrong with pushing VM partitions beyond the physical drive 
> size, as long as data doesn't exceed the physical drive size (which it can't 
> for obvious reasons). Corruption? Backup size? Privacy? or just no code 
> available yet to tailor VM sizes to unique drive sizes?
> - - - - 
> These 4 questions above reflect the confusement to which this thread seeks to 
> solve and find answers to. They might not be all be the reasons, or perhaps 
> there is another reason altogether. 
> Root of the question that either makes the question trivial, or very 
> important:
> On one hand, it might just be that there hasn't been any code made yet for 
> this otherwise trivial exercise to change the virtual partition sizes. On the 
> other hand, it also gives the impression that Qubes is discouraging making 
> virtual partitions too big compared to the drive, for a good reason which 
> hasn't been easily explained to the masses. 
> Afterthought: 
> The latter hand scenario is worrying, considering the very small 2GB home 
> folder partition size, when the technology of virtual partitions doesn't 
> appear to have an actual hard limit, as long as data doesn't exceed the soft 
> limit. Hence, should one be careful here? or is there really just another 
> less serious reason for the 2GB home folder partition size out-of-the-box? 
> For example Why isn't it just set to say, 100GB, or even 10.000GB by default, 
> if virtual partition sizes doesn't matter and most keep track of disk usage 
> in Dom0 anyway?
> I'm asking, since I'm considering to simply give each of my AppVM's the size 
> of my physical drive, and just keep track of the used drive space with 
> Dom0/XFCE4. 
> If there are any reasons to be careful? or perhaps one should follow hard to 
> find guidelines to virtual partition sizes? 
> It would be really appreciated to find a solid answer, or even just the best 
> answer available.
> Cheers, 
> Yuraeitha  

TL:DR. Why not just ask a simple question?

Make them as large as you need them. Just use caution or you may run out
of space.

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