I would like to use my Win 7 HVM with i3wm in seamless mode.
After making sure that seamless mode is working without any problems under the 
xfce window manager in Qubes 3.2 i triet to run the same Win 7 HVM in i3wm.

Unfortunately the Win 7 AppVM will always run in fullscreen mode.
If I disable seamless mode and start up the VM in Debug mode, I get two win7 
windows, one is the black startupwindow and the 2nd one the real desktop.

If I disable debug mode and enable seamless mode, the first windows which will 
some up when starting the win7 appvm will be gone but the main win7 windows 
will still stay on top.

1) Is it possible to use Win 7 in seamless mode when using i3wm
2) if yes, how can I make it work or where to look for a root cause?


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