On 2017-10-07 1:19 PM, Ron Hunter-Duvar wrote:

> Well, I did all this, and confirmed that the sys-* servicevms are all
> using Fedora 25, but it still has dnsmasq version 2.76. According to
> US-CERT, 2.78 is needed to get the vulnerability fixes. Which concerns
> me, given the length of time that the exploit code has been public.
> Surprises me too, since Debian had it out in a matter of hours.
> However, it's not running in any of these, nor in dom0. Should I just
> uninstall it?
> Thanks,
> Ron

It's weird, but it seems like every distro *but* Fedora has released an
updated version or version with a backported fix. Even Red Hat
Enterprise has done it. I don't know what the hold up is, but it'll be a
package with a backported fix and currently it's set to be 2.76.4 (or
greater if more bugs are found).


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