>> On 10/08/2017 08:18 AM, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki wrote:
> Indeed on 4.9.45-21 kernel it happens much rarer than on 4.4.x, but still
> happens sometimes...

It's only anecdotal, but I seem to have been seeing it more frequently recently 
(i.e. on that kernel). Will try the one-liner again, don't think it had any 
effect last time I tried it. I've got at least one old laptop with probably 
poor thermal paste or a dust bunny that this actually causes to overheat and 
shut down in a warm room. Less critically, for what's often a laptop OS it's 
rather hard on the battery.

FWIW (beware, anecdote incoming) the problem does seem different under the 
newer kernel, in that close enough other vms and the one with the problem may 
settle down (which I don't remember happening before). However, this makes 
limited sense to me, given that one vm that does it (sys-net) is not included 
in memory balancing, whereas others that randomly do it are. The vms that do it 
are fedora service vms, through to debian ones running chromium, the 
commonality being the kernel.

A quick google suggests this occurs / or has occurred on a variety of linux 
distros, but I do wonder if something about a memory constrained qubes install 
makes it more likely.

Marak, afaik there is no bug open for this, would it be worth me opening one, 
even if its just to track and add to a known issues page or similar? Seems 
enough of us run into this one.

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