I want to connect to one of my AppVMs with VNC from remote host using Xen 
I wanted to do it with the custom Xen config, but I can't figure out how to 
change the default Xen config or use custom Xen config to start my AppVM. I 
think it was possible in Qubes OS 3.2 with "qvm-start 
–custom-config=CUSTOM_CONFIG", but I've installed Qubes OS 4.0 
(current-testing) and there is no such option now.
I've found the location of the Xen configs used for VMs in 
/etc/libvirt/libxl/vmname.xml and tried to change the graphics type parameter 
from 'qubes' to 'vnc' in my AppVM config with virsh and then start the AppVM, 
but the Xen config keep reverting back to its original state after I start 
AppVM. Is it hardcoded for Qubes OS to overwrite this file every time when I 
start VM?
How can I enable vnc in Xen config for Qubes OS VM?
Rdp/x11vnc and other services that can be installed in the quest OS are not an 
options, because I need to access the VM even if the network is broken in the 

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