I reported the issue yesterday but more people browse the mailing group than 
the qubes-issues repo so I'll repost this here. Hopefully it'll help someone.

(On my PC at least) the AppVMs internally use 24hz screen refresh rate instead 
of my monitor native 60hz which caused the GUI to be very unresponsive, 
sluggish and to tear like crazy. In order to fix that:

1. Launch terminal in TemplateVM on which your AppVMs depend
2. Open /etc/X11/xorg-qubes.conf in test editor
3. Scroll to the VertRefresh parameter
4. Change 23-24 to 59-60 (or higher if your display supports it)
5. Save changes
6. Shutdown TemplateVM
7. Restart AppVMs based on that TemplateVM
8. Repeat for all other TemaplteVMs
9. Enjoy buttersmooth GUI

Github issue:

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