On Monday, October 9, 2017 at 11:32:22 PM UTC-7, bdwom...@gmail.com wrote:
> The only thing it will let me do is select headings like "General", "Wi-Fi" 
> etc but all of the fields are grayed out.  
> I'm using the Qubes network manager and the default fedora VM will not start 
> so I don't know if a network manager in there will work.
> The alternate linux hardware drivers were already installed.

Why make Network Manager available if it can't be configured in Dom0?  The good 
news is that you can install and run it ENTIRELY from a SD card. The bad news 
is that installation takes FOREVER and the UI looks like it "hung" and of 
course it is painfully slow.  Qubes needs A LOT of work but I think it will 
work for me, surprisingly, because I need a secure linux platform that doesn't 
REQUIRE TOR.  Tails is hard to beat and would be nice in a Qubes VM so I could 
use a Qubes browser for sites that refuse TOR but for now I can't even figure 
out how to make an ISO available to Dom0.

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