On Friday, July 28, 2017 at 7:16:36 AM UTC-7, little help wrote:
> This also might also work: 
> 1.    Go here: https://user.riseup.net/
> 2.    Make a "help ticket", and write "I need an invitation code because I 
> want to use(write your messages!!)".
>     ^ Don't copy & paste my sentence! Use your words!
> 3.    Then, someone(Riseup user) will assist you.

Just FYI, I tried this and was declined with:

The following message has been posted in response to your question:

"Red Accounts" are needed for email, chat, VPN and the help desk. In order to 
create a Red Account you will need an invite: Find a friend that already has a 
riseup email account. After logging in to account.riseup.net your friend can 
create an invite code. You can use this invite on account.riseup.net to create 
your own account. 
Some remarks: 
- You only need one invite. 
- Newly created accounts can not be used to create invite codes. 
Due to the numerous requests by spammers and scammers that tried to get a 
riseup account we have to insist on invites for new accounts. We know that this 
sucks. We are sorry about it but it is the only thing that makes sense right 

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