Hi, my name is Sérgio, i'm brazilian and my english unfortunately is too poor.
My apologies for this.

well, i have a Asus X202e touchscreen with Qubes 3.2 installed on SSD, and the 
multitouch not work.

Firefox with "grab and drag" add-on work better but without "zoom" with fingers 
and other similars things.

if the touchscreen is detected, how config or app fix it? touchegg is an option?

thanks for your atention and time, and sorry for my ugly english.

On Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 8:20:06 PM UTC-3, caio riseup wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> Hi,
> installed Qubes on January, it worked great, just the touch screen
> don't work (don't miss that).
> caioau
> - -- 
> PGP-key=0xEFF5B2E180F294CE
> T2qxkkTfRPIgeQCHCMmS1JnUi4AKKVz/rDVgyV7p/VMVuHAOpnw0ISxCkdpeUDzP
> 6J33HGHzW/VhgRl0Bdg1zKA4xlC+tGpawvyCykhb5FnZl/zHA365/wNavltbOnaT
> Apwo48ALV1QfNDnbSpv//y1qt4nkNVJQr5rdKI0KtkQ4xWG0L2TcKFGOY9Yvnen3
> 4WKW1l1Cfzg4nnejPdvRmhcvLSwMW15EfWrdEqiI8EB4oOdk9gxH1aP3diIjwWIg
> FMg4krzsE/DlI6JmO2Gmw6JzJ6RUiQajXr6rzjQX8QlNr3OG/ZTfvAj+tnMbvrVH
> 3ydv36hivVyP89JgN3iTot5sYshyXJCyPH0gpqzx9LyONtyIK9Lv35jB5fNUva2A
> wkJie32cv8yewfuwYkVSZmZ2Do/HHiIPQ+ZSsQHEIyi1RcbkhPTTj6qjoPbUNMiz
> x/zOH/wr08EpKS3n352fvRU+1PZYRzlwRsfs5e3Ve/IFMKsaU6LNNPFVoSJ2pkv3
> qQcY4kEbj6FD05CB80JDD8PKRPVgXRlh2jzaE/gqR93XnjKtOPk3NEKZ/UbqzBFy
> KdCPdefe2r5f4dseaOUyaEcZdKVcl5rzUqZVumRg7NwqqL1K20MV3HYLXS+QU0yT
> 1JWT7nqDtyNgjgzoNs2V
> =eCqH

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