I see I am not alone here.

> Having the information on which laptops Qubes 4 "should" run or even
> more where it is running (Dev Users?) would help. The HCL
> https://www.qubes-os.org/hcl/ does not help me, as it has no
> information if 4.x is ok for the X230.

It looks to me like a bigger problem, not necessarily device specific:

Remember this is not a public release, this is RC2. Release CANDIDATE 2.
That means it is a version meant for TESTING, not necessarily ready for
anything more.


> As mentioned before I am running Coreboot, should I go back to stock
> ROM?

In fact I have an x230 without Coreboot, and I too cannot reliably even
get sys-net to run, let alone sys-firewall, which I do not think I have
seen running once.

Personally I am going to close the lid and wait for the next release.
(Unless anyone would like to collect some debug information from me.)

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