I just installed RC2 for the first time, ticking the 'enable Tor' box 
corresponding to the Whonix template. After booting and connecting to WiFi I 
was surprised to note that the Whonix Gateway started with the 'connecting to 
Tor' dialog when I started the Fedora-25 template to update it. So it seems 
everything was being routed through Tor even though I was not using Whonix. 

I tried changing the networking options in the sys-net and firewall VMs but 
that simply dropped the connection. I then tried to reset again and got an 
error message saying the VM settings could not be changed.

Can someone tell me the default settings for the sys-net and firewall VMs? I 
only want Whonix to route through Tor. Hopefully I wont have to reinstall it 
again. Thanks.


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