Dnia Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:48:56 AM CET [799] pisze:
> Regarding my specific use case I would like to synchronize the data to keep
> a copy at another location. Using LUKS images can cause a problem depending
> on the transfer mechanism, as I need to use a mechanism which will only
> transfer the qctual changed blocks not the whole image. As such I'd like to
> use an encryption which works with file based encryption - knowing that
> this has reduced security as metadata etc. can be used to attack the
> encryption.

But that's also what we're doing with LUKS+SSHFS. The LUKS volume is 
cryptsetup luksOpened and mounted on the *client*, not on the (SSH) *server*, 
meaning the (SSH) server only has access to encrypted data.

Then we're doing regular file-based operations, like rsync or whatnot. Only 
modified bytes of the LUKS image seem to be actually transferred.

We're not transferring the whole images back and forth. That would defeat the 

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