I'm despaired about ever re-opening a web page again on this system ! I must 
have changed something by mistake in the settings and screwed up my network 

I think I have re-etablished the global settings alright :

UpdateVM = Firewall
ClockVM = Sys-net
Default net = Firewall

Can't ping on sys-net even though my wifi connection established succesfully...

Firmware on the template Fedora a/o sys-net aren't (and can't) be installed. 

Did the basic troubleshooting methods to reload automatically the wifi 

Also saw the possibility of permissive PCI but I have the feeling this is not 
the thing to do in my situation (wifi was working find after several reboots) 
and I honestly think I must have changed some basic setting by mistake or 

Template for sys-net is Fedora23 and my machine is a Lenovox220.

Any help welcome !

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